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Deep Soaking Tubs

Laurel Mountain Deep Soaking Tubs

Soak in the Benefits

When was the last time you truly pampered yourself? In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, self-care is all too often put on the back burner, and we feel the consequences. Many suffer from chronic muscle tension, heightened stress, and headaches for a variety of reasons. Imagine having a luxurious spa experience every day in your own home. The benefits of massage and warm water therapy are well documented and have a long history, but how often do we incorporate these treatments in our everyday lives? Many of our high-quality baths come standard with aromatherapy and neck pillows and can be customized to include a hydrotherapy system, Chromatherapy, and a deep soak drain system to create a unique all-in-one relaxation system.

For those who do make time for a hot bath in their routine, the results are often more than a little disappointing. Many standard bathtubs are too shallow, short, or narrow to allow for a proper full body soak, leaving some portion of the body in the colder air above the warm, soothing waters. Our deeper tubs combined with our deep soak drains create a custom deep soaking tub that allows for full immersion, meaning you can properly relax without awkward adjustments or uncomfortable cold spots. We also manufacture our luxury tubs using 100% virgin acrylic, which provides maximum heat retention. A full soak in warm water is known to relieve tension and stress as well as aid in fighting off illness, decrease the likelihood of suffering tension related migraines, and improve skin conditions and joint pain when combined with soothing salts and oils. To achieve and maintain your warm soak, choose one of our water heaters and never worry about cold bath water again.

At Laurel Mountain, we are committed to improving the health and happiness of each customer. We do this by providing options designed to provide multiple health benefits. While our custom whirlpool tubs come standard with 10 jets, more jets can be added to target specific areas of the body. The air flow is adjusted using 3-speed controls to provide a massage experience ranging from gentle to intense to accommodate your specific massage therapy needs. Targeting our optional neck, lumbar, and back jets on specific areas is an incredible way to relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to the whirlpool system, we offer an air bath system that utilizes a variable speed blower and comes standard with 24-28 air injectors located on the lower portion of the tub’s walls. Much like the whirlpool system, the air bath speed and pressure can be adjusted for a gentle to an intense massage. There is also a wave cycle and pulsating cycle available to enjoy varying massage techniques. Using both systems in one of our soaking tubs creates a combo bath which can be perfectly adjusted to meet your precise relaxation needs each and every time.

For a full sensory experience, we also offer aromatherapy on most air systems and combo systems, and a Chromatherapy option is available for all baths. Aromatherapy utilizes the healing and relaxing properties of a multitude of essential oils to achieve a desired state of mind. Certain scents can boost energy while others induce sleep or even eliminate headaches. Aromatherapy can also be used in conjunction with your deep soaking bathtub and warm steam to decrease congestion and relax tight or sore muscles. Typically, a relaxing bath isn’t complete without a variety of candles to create the perfect ambiance. Candles, however, certainly have aesthetic limits and pose a very real fire hazard. Our Chromatherapy LED systems provide 10 gorgeous colors right inside your luxury bath for the perfect mood lighting every time. You can set these lights to alternate colors or choose your favorite and let it wash over you.

While the experience of your deep soaking tub is important, we know that the way the tub looks is often equally significant. Each of our tubs features an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design to provide maximum comfort during use and an incredible centerpiece for your personal getaway. As you go through your daily routine, ask yourself whether you’re simply cleaning the surface or truly cleansing your mind and body. If you’re ready to indulge in ultimate comfort, explore our deep soaking tubs and experience the Laurel Mountain difference today.

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