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  • Home
    The welcome page for our custom whirlpool and tubs website.
  • About Laurel Mountain Whirlpools
    More information about Laurel Mountain Whirlpools and our custom whirlpool company.
  • Products
    Our custom whirlpool, air tub, and combo tub online product catalog.
    • Colony Collection
      Lists all of our custom whirlpool tub models and options in our Colony Collection.
    • Trade Collection
      Lists all of our custom whirlpool tub models and options in our Trade Collection.
    • Walk-In Tubs
      List all of our Walk-In Tubs along with their options.
    • Faucets
      All of our custom faucets available for our custom whirlpools and tubs.
  • Overstock
    List all of our overstock tubs that are pre-built ready for immediate sale.
  • Help
    Offers more information, manual downloads, answers to commmon questions, and more.
    • Brochure Download
      Our digital product catalog available for download. Lists all of our products, models, and options all in one convenient PDF.
    • Owner's Manuals
      All of our owner's manuals available for download in PDF format.
    • Frequent Asked Questions
      Answers to common questions we receive about our whirlpools and tubs regarding various topics such as installation and options available.
  • Contact
    Information on how to get in touch with Laurel Mountain Whirlpools
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