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The Colony Collection: Corry I 4060CT

Whirlpool Air Tub Custom

This oval bath offers variety in installation. It can be used as a drop-in or it can be under mounted. Just be sure to let us know so we locate the controls to accommodate under mounting. Either installation can use this bath as a Left or Right Hand Bath. As with many of our other baths this oval bathtub is available as a whirlpool, air bath, combination spa or as a non-jetted soaking bath. This deep soaking tub provides almost 16" to the overflow. The Corry is available in 4 sizes - check them all out to find the best fit for you. 

  • The whirlpool spa comes with a 9.5 amp pump, 3 speed control, 8 spa jets , which are adjustable for water flow and direction, and color match jet trim for standard colors.
  • The Air Bath comes with 16 high output lateral air injectors, 12 amp variable speed blower/600 watt ceramic air heater to heat the air being injected into the tub, and an automatic purge cycle with timer for the air system. Air tubs can safely use bath salts and aromatic oils.
  • Combination jacuzzi tubs take all these standard features and combines them to create the ultimate bathing experience. There are many other options available to be added to your custom jacuzzi such as the hydrotherapy back massage system, chromatherapy light, an inline heater to keep you soaking for hours and many more. Be sure to check all the features available to be added to your tub - just click on the "options and colors" below for details and model numbers. At Laurel Mountain we can make the perfect escape.


Click each option for more details.

  • LM305
    Water Heater-Soaker & Air 1500 Watt

  • Water Heater-Soaker & Air 1500 Watt

    Water Heater-Soaker & Air 1500 Watt

    Two electric heaters are available, factory installed, a 1500 watt/120 volt and a 4000 watt/240 volt. The heaters maintain the temperature of water between 101 and 104 degrees F. The operation of the heaters are with an on/off switch and include a 20 minute timer. A low flow/high efficiency pump provides a silent operation. This is a stand alone heater and will require a second pump location for installation. Please call with questions 800-930-0050. *Not available with combo baths

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  • LM522

  • Chromatherapy


    The LED lighting system will provide the therapeutic effects of chromatherapy. The system is programmed with ten lighting modes that will sequence automatically or you may choose to stop on a desired mode. The mode sequence is: Magenta, Blue, Red, White, Sunburst, Green, Tidal Wave, Afterburn Fade, Color Burst and Slow Dance. The therapy by general color category is: blue for calming and conversation, green to assist in relieving stress or trauma, violet to help in meditation and intuition, yellow for intellectual stimulation, and red as an energizing color meant to stimulate or excite. Still not sure? Check the Utube link at the top of the page to see a mood light at work.

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